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Where Has Matt Clark's Mind Been?

      Guitar in lap. Eyes fixed on a vast ocean horizon. Today's thoughts become tomorrow's lyrics. Hear the melodies in Matt Clark's Mind. Hummed into a mic in the middle of the night before they are gone for good. Music has been life for Matt Clark and life has been music. Matt was born steps from the ocean, just outside Santa Barbara, California, where he began singing and playing guitar while still a teenager. His musical style reveals the early influence of artists such as U2, Bob Marley, Neil Young, and the Police. His latest EP has a Ray Lamontagne meets Jason Mraz sound, but more of a modern rock edge is surfacing with his new project, Matt Clark’s Mind, echoing Everclear and Angels and Airwaves.

      Matt Clark recorded his latest EP in Denver where he has enjoyed the success of making a living with his music for the past few years. In the studio, he teamed up with David McGuiness,long-time engineer for Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman, author of “Time After Time”. Matt collaborated on the project with Emmy winning producer Lance Bendiksen, who has produced projects for Sony, Arista and RCA, including work with The Fray. To his delight, the songs are already gaining serious industry and fan interest through early test releases.

      Matt and his fans are excited about his future, as he soon will take his powerful show and voice on the road, bringing singles to the airwaves in key markets. He has persistently played gigs week after week, and sold thousands of CDs to everyone from loyal fans to strangers on the street. Matt Clark has persevered in honing his craft and sharing his musical talent with others.

      Matt's new band "Matt Clark's Mind” have set their sights on reaching more and more fans. Recently playing throughout the western US, including his Southern California stomping grounds of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, at venues like Soho and Zoey’s Cafe, Matt is drawing the attention of radio and record executives with his upcoming release, “Somewhere Down the Road.”

      With his expressive, poignant lyrics, Matt Clark reveals a heart that is bigger than most. Matt Clark's Mind, the band, channels their passion to help others by partnering with international nonprofit organizations like Kiva.org, which gives small businesses a head start in the developing world. Perhaps, by continuing to perform, create music and help others, Matt Clark’s Mind will finally find a peaceful place. And his eyes will still be looking out over that ocean horizon.

Music and Videos

Show Dates

The Isla Vista Bowl

• January 14th, 2013
• 901 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
• Begins at 7:00 PM

 + Playing with The Olé's, The Riverside, and Helo
 + "Pack a Bowl" and listen to some great IV Music!

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News Coverage

"These guys are really good."
-Chrystal Egger,
Good Day Colorado

"I just listened...Very Good! The Quality and Spirit is there."
-Jonathan Firstenberg,
Universal Music

-Shaul Turner
Fox News

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